VitalPBX Boss Secretary issue


When testing the Boss Secretary finctionality and the usage of User Portal, I have the following problems.

Boss Secretary functionality is enabled on an extension and is activated from the device with a BLF key (the indicator properly turns red when activated).
When logged in to the same extensions User Portal, if any changes are made and confirmed with Update (or just by clicking on Update), the Boss Secretary functionality always gets deactivated (but the BLF indicator is still turned on as if the functionality is still activated).
I have also tried to click on Reload on the extensions User Portal after clicking on Update and the result is the same.
What corrects the issue is if I log in as an administrator and select system Reload. But this is not a solution since Users of the User portal are not administrators.

Can someone please help me regarding this issue?

Thanks and Best regards, Klemen

Thank you for reporting it. We are already checking this issue.

We include the fix for this issue on VitalPBX 3.2.3 R4.

See the full changelog here

Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your answer.

BR, Klemen


I have updated VitalPBX to version 3.2.3-4 and now there is a different issue with this functionality.
When making changes in the user portal to the boss secretary functionality (activate, deactivate), the BLF LED indicator on the device is properly changing according to the status.
But when trying to activate the functionality with the BLF key, the status is not changed and a prompt is played saying “sorry cant let you do that”. The functionality is of course enabled on the extension.

Please help in resolving this isse.

Thank you and Best regards, Klemen

if you use

core show hints

on Asterisk CLI you will see BOSS_90 as a hint for extension 90.
So use this for BLF. Should be able to switch with that, too.

Or did you do that and still have the mentioned problem?

Would you mind sharing a call log/trace from the Asterisk CLI?

Does your extension have a specific Class of Service?

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