VitalPBX 4 VitXi on MultiTenant


After setting up email, we tried sending a test email, here’s the error we got.

Another small cosmetic issue, after adding our company twitter handle, we got this pop-up

Finally, is it possible yet to use SMS via VitXi?


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Hello Sir,

Thank you for reporting these issues,

We are going to fix it,

Regarding SMS in VitXi, we are currently working on the implementation with the VitalPBX API to make it possible to send SMS in VitXi.


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Try updating to version 4.0.0 R6

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I updated from the GUI, it still gives me the same error

Do the following:

rm -f /usr/share/vitxi/backend/storage/framework/views/*.php

Then try configuring the email settings again!

The new version of VitXi is now available! You can update VitXi now!

Changelog: VitXi | VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log

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