VitalPBX 4 not booting in blind mode

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install VitalPBX 4 on a server to test some features so I flashed an USB key using Balena Etcher but my server doesn’t seem to recognize my key as bootable.

I then used Rufus to have access to more options. I finally managed to get it to boot after flashing it using the GPT + no CSM options and disabling CSM on my servers motherboard.

Once the GRUB screen shows up, I go with “Graphical install” or “Install”, I am then prompted with a “error: no suitable video mode found” which is nomal as my server doesn’t have any video port so I use a serial cable.

After a few seconds it returns a “Booting in blind mode” and the server completely freezes.

I am pretty upset as I really need to install it to this one motherboard. I don’t remember running into this issue when installing VitalPBX 3, OPNSense or PFSense on the same motherboard.

Has any of you ran into this issue or do you think of any thing I could have missed in the bios ?

The ISO is most likely built to use the graphical installer so you wont be able to do your install using it via serial console.

The best way would be for you to do a net install of debian on the server via your serial console and then install vital 4 via the script.

Google search Installing Debian over serial console on APU board that should help.

Thanks for your reply.

I couldn’t go with H like in the article, so I went with E on the “Install” options, replaced the vga parameter with the ones from the article (console=ttyS0,115200n8) and I managed to boot the installer.

Now I get a prompt saying the installation media cannot be mounted, I’ll retry flashing my USB stick and maybe open a new thread if I am stuck.

Thanks for the help.

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