VitalPBX 4 Extension can't change after update to 4.0.6 R2

Hi Team,

After I updated VitalPBX 4 to version I can’t update the status of Extension.
Please give me advice.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Log out from the GUI and Log in again. This is due to the CSFR security applied to the latest version.

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Hi Miguel,

Now, I can change and update.
Thanks for you support.

Best Regards.


We have the same issue under which we are unable to add users or make changes in users.
We have rebooted the Server but still the same.

Its not about rebooting the server as mentioned here.
Log out of Vitalpbx and log back in.
Best your clear cache or try a private tab or a different browser you never used before with vitalpbx.

Issue resolved after updating to Version 4.0.6 R3.

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