VitalPBX 4 Endpoint Manager has been removed

Could we please please please leave the current endpoint manager as at least an addon option in the new VitalPBX 4

I think some Add-ons are still missing in this Beta. Bet everything will get there time after time.

The EPM add-on is deprecated. You can continue on version 3 if you need this add-on.

We will continue giving maintenance to VitalPBX 3 for at least 1 year.

This means we will need to purchase the provisioning module, when we did not need to before.
Could it not remain as an optional add on ? We have many hours of special programming and this will leave us no way to migrate that data when a system is upgraded.

Sounds like there is no way for endpoint manager in the future.

Phones provisioning is free for 20 devices and 50 devices with any activated add-on.

Very disappointing in my opinion, no migration path !
We have been with this project from day one with hundreds of systems installed
I understand the project needs to make money but when you can’t do what the system did on version 1 Ombutel it is not an improvement, its a way to leverage the people who put tons of time and effort into supporting this project into having to buy something to stay current. I love this system just disappointed in this decision.