VitalPBX 4 Call Pickup Group

Has anyone used the call pickup group feature in VitalPBX 4 . I just recently installed my first VitalPBX 4 and cannot get the pickup group to work. Pickup Direct worked fine.


Have you checked the Asterisk Logs?

What phone brand are you using?

Did you disable the integrated feature codes of the phone?

I am using yealink phones. I can double check the phone settings but I cannot dial *08 directly from the phone.

The information on this keeps mentioning a Call Group. I cannot find anything on a Call Group in the system settings.

Try dialing the *08 from a softphone.

Check the following:
The extensions with the parameter “Allow Pickup” enabled are the ones allowed to pick up the calls of the Pickup Group members.

I’ve checked these settings multiple times. I’m going to set up a test system and try it. I know it works on VitalPBX 3 but this is the first VitalPBX 4 that I’ve installed.

I set this up on a test system and still have the same issue with both Yealink and Fanvil phones. Has anyone else had this issue?


I just ran the latest update and apparently this has been fixed.

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