VitalPBX 3 - Fanvil X4U V2 Compatibility


Since a few months, I am struggling to get X4Us to work with VitalPBX.
They ring and have audio when emitting calls but when receiving, they instantly place the call in missed calls and don’t ring, other features like transfers and call forwarding are causing issues.

I updated, downgraded firmwares, resetted the phones but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Other Fanvil phones like the X210 or X6U are working as intended.

Did anyone else bump into this issue ?


We use a lot of X4U both v1 and v2 without any issues. Are your phones properly registered to the server? Grab some logs as well via sngrep in the cli to see if the call process and whats going on, so we can help better.

Thanks for the reply,

While registering, sngrep gives me an Unauthorized but the phone registers.

Outgoing calls also gives me an Unauthorized and are working.

Incoming call doesn’t ring the phone and I get a 488 - Not Acceptable Here.

I don’t know what to make of this, at first I thought it was a codec problem but my phone isn’t even ringing.


Your issue does look like a codec issue.488 errors tells you their is no media compatibility between the calling and receiving endpoint, so you wont get a ring at all.

Check the codec setup on both server and the phones.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check that out and come back with progress

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