Vital PBX VPS Installing script is not working

I am trying to install vital PBX on VPS cloud by ./ after command run i am getting repo error. For more details i am sharing screen shot of error any one who could help related this error

Even i install this by iso and after installation need to be update PBX server and it is still showing broken repo as well i could not install add on from GUI it is not showing there any one who is facing such issue or trying to fix it

Hello Vital team
VitalPBX 3.2.3-8
Asterisk 18.12.1-1
Repo error
it is showing repo error with forbidden error anyone who could share details or ETA related this issue.
I tried ISO image and it is also getting same error when i update or trying to install any add-ons.

Try again. In Telegram group:
“The repo is working fine again! Please try”

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