Vital 4.0.3-6 Welcome email QR Code?

I’m sending the welcome email to the registered email on the extensions. But I’m receiving something like

Is that is correct? The QR code?

Did you enable the flag “Mobile Client” on the device?

Where is the mobile client flag? On the extension module?

Yes, in the extensions module. In the devices section to be more specific.

I have being looking in all the tab in the extension modulo, as well in the device section but I don’t see that flag.

You will need to install the Connect add-on to use mobile phones with the QR code

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Correct , thanks !!

Quick, with VitalPBX for there is the Vital Communicator for PC (Windows). Do you the same app for MAC?

Unfortunately, the Communicator app is only available for Windows!

Is the communicator app still being developed/supported? Understood Vitxi to be the official softclient on PC/MAC

Got it. Thanks for the help.

Thanks !

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