Virtual Fax on Multi Tenant Setup

Anyone know how to set up Virtual Faxing on Multi-Tenant? You can only set up virtual fax machines on the Main tenant but then they can’t be seen by the subtenant as an option. Are we missing something or is this not supported?

Sorry should have been more specific about my exact issue but I figured asking for a How-To would answer future questions too instead of coming to the forums for each one. This is not a roles issue, this is me as Super Administrator opening the subtenant and not seeing Virtual fax Devices as an option for the Subtenant so I can add a fax device for them. Do I add them all to the main Tennant?

From the FAQ

Finally, bear in mind that the super-admin user uses the “Tenant Administrator ” role to show/hide modules when switching between tenants.

If you want to access certain modules after switching to another tenant, then you have to add the permissions to the “Tenant Administrator” role.

Thanks I missed that line. We are taking the certification training now but it was unavailable for so long that we had to roll out the system first.

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