Version 2 Repos down

Looks like the Version 2 repository is down (from about the time the Version 4 was down Jan 5 2023)
I still have a few older V2 systems I am trying to get to V2.4.2-7 so I can move them to the newer V3 or V4
Can you help,

Could anyone help with this ?

What repos are you using? Are you getting an error?

I should have re checked, It is working now this morning :slight_smile: must have been fixed since yesterday
On older version 2 servers in order to upgrade I had to replace the old vitalpbx.repo that referenced the old Telesoft site with the current vitalpbx repos, then update from the gui or command line
Since about Jan 5 I was getting a connection refused when running the update from the command line
Now I just updated 2 servers with no issue
Thanks for your good karma

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