Using Click To Call API; Where do we find Tenant ID?

Hello dear team

We are trying to test Click To Call feature on API from Postman but we are having bellow error:

    "status": "declined",
    "message": "Access Denied"

So maybe we are using wrong values for APi Key and Tenant.
Is (as on screenshot bellow) how we find these infos?

Value used for Tenant :


Value used for Api Key


Please help

Best regards

GET http://{{host}}/api/v2/tenants
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Thanks dear,

i was able to find the value
Then i have bellow when i want to process the Click To Call API:

Any help?

The issue is exactly what the error says.

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dear @PitzKey

This have been fixed, we removed the COS (or else we found the right value to add to it), tested and worked.
Thanks a lot

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