User portal - combined with Company Administrator

Same login username and password for:
PBX → Extensions → Advanced → User Portal (maybe add an extra field for email address)
Admin → Admin → Users (maybe add an extra field or show te “Portal User” name)
After putting in a now mandatory e-mail address it also changes the “User Portal” username under the extension.

Please make it like:
Admin → Admin → Users → Select existing user → Select a “Profile” and “Safe of Update”

At this moment when i add the user and te “Profile” and login it gives a error:
“You don’t have access to “extension_settings” module”

This issue is affecting multi tenant.

Can you please give me an update on this?

Admin users should not access portal users. You have to create a new user to access the portal.

I think you don’t understand the question.

If I have a customer witch is using an separate tenant and there is one user in this tenant (for example the owner with extention 1001) witch is also the person in this tenant who can do some administrative tasks… and i give hem a custom role… it would be nice if he can sign in to te portal and has the “admin” button.


At the moment, it is better to use different credentials and don’t mix the roles.

What options do you have in the user portal that you cannot do in the admin portal?