Upload wav voicemail gui

hello, would it be possible in your next versions to integrate wav file loading for voicemail?


This is something that is requested a lot from us, it is already in our Roadmap.


Where can i find your roadmap?

As of now, it does not seem like the VitalPBX roadmap is available to the public.

Can you maybe give us a an idea when this is going to be realized?
Can’t be to difficult, uploading sound files is already possible for queues

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@admin is there an update for this?


100% yes, please?

I do it currently by first recording silence by calling into the voicemail mailbox then following that, uploading pre-recorded audio (making sure the sample rate is 8Khz, encoded as signed 16-bit PCM .WAV) then overwriting, busy.wav, greet.wav and unvail.wav in

If you have a multi-tenant environment:
/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/[tenant name]/[extension]/


Single NON-multi-tenent environment: