Upgrading and donation plus

In the past I’ve done a donation “donation plus” I still got the key tried adding it to:
admin>admin>application keys

Description: key
Tenant: vitalpbx
Key: autogenerated

I tracked down the email regarding:

To enable them simply apply the key provided on the attached PDF file to your VitalPBX installation. You can do so by login in as an administrator, and click on the administrator menu on the top-right corner, and select “Register License”.

I did that but it says maximum number of registrations exceeded. However my intention is to move away from one vm and move to an other does this mean I need to re-license the machine? Or can I reactivate the lisence after I’ve removed the old machine?

Or is there a better way to upgrade from 2.x to 3.x

You can send an email to sales@vitalpbx.com to help you with the revocation process of your license


Licenses are per server, so if the license is activated on a server, you cannot activate it on another server. You have to revoke the license for your current server and then move it to the new one.


Ok now it makes sense I need to revoke it on the old server and activate it on the new.

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