Updating VPBX CentOS distribution

I’ve installed the VPBX ISO that uses CentOS 7.

Q.1 What is the best way for me to update the CentOS 7 system?

Q.2 If I update VPBX through the GUI will the process also update other packages in CentOS?

I ran the command “yum check-update” and I can see there are packages listed that are related specifically to VPBX e.g. vitalpbx-asterisk-configs.x86_64.

Q.3 If I proceeded to update these packages using yum will it cause a problem for VPBX? Would it conflict with further updates using the VPBX GUI?


For large systems, I recommend you update the PBX from the command line. The update from GUI only updates the VitalPBX packages. So, I recommend you do a full update and restart your PBX every other month.

Any update should be done when the PBX has lower usage.

Thanks for the quick response, I’m finding that the public forum response time is quite good with VPBX! Keep up the good work!

In regards to updating vi yum, would you suggest skipping any packages related to VPBX such as vitalpbx-configs.x86_64 etc and waiting for a GUI update in VPBX to update those packages? If so, do we have a clearly defined list of VPBX packages to avoid updating via yum?


You shouldn’t skip any VitalPBX package. Nonetheless, if your intention is to update the server packages but skip the VitalPBX packages, then you can disable the repositories during the update as shown below.

yum update --disablerepo=vpbx-base,vpbx-core,vpbx-extras,sonata-suite

Does the VPBX GUI updater just use yum to update VPBX?..

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