Update Removed PhoneBooks from VitalPBX in VitXi


I would like to report one issue when we remove phonebooks in VitalPBX and than they keep apear just in user account of user that had this phonebooks assigned. If we search in admin web page, we can’t see this phonebooks.

After we remove IP and Teste Internal phonebooks in VitalPBX:



They keep apear in acooun in VitXi:


This issue it happened for the second time, and we just fix this after remove and create the same account in VitXi.

The other problem was the lost of avatar’s in Exported contacts from this users…

We had reposted the issue of avatar in this topic:

Could you please fix this to prevent remove account in VitXi and lost avatars in Exportes contacts.

Thanks for you attention

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Hello, sir,

Thank you for reporting this problem. We will check it on our development servers.

Best regards,

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