Unmet dependency fails install script on arm64

I’m unable to complete the installation of VitalPBX on arm64 architecture using install script due to unmet dependency error regarding packages ‘vitalpbx’ and ‘vitalpbx-helper’

apt show vitalpbx

Package: vitalpbx
Version: 4.0.3-4
Priority: optional
Section: comm
Maintainer: VitalPBX LLC support@vitalpbx.com
Installed-Size: 20.6 MB
Pre-Depends: vitalpbx-helper (>= 4.0.1-4), vitalpbx-scripts (>= 4.0.1-2)

apt show vitalpbx-helper

Package: vitalpbx-helper
Version: 4.0.1-3
Priority: optional
Section: comm
Source: vitalpbx
Maintainer: VitalPBX LLC support@vitalpbx.com
Installed-Size: 339 kB
Depends: sudo, vitalpbx-scripts
Enhances: vitalpbx

As you can see from the apt commands above, the currently offered version of ‘vitalpbx’ requires a version of ‘vitalpbx-helper’ version 4.0.1-4 or greater but such a package doesn’t exist.

Hello There!

We already uploaded the missed package, so you should be able to install VitalPBX 4 on ARM devices without issues.

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