Unified Pjsip profile works for pjsip extensions and vitxi webrtc devices

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Is there a way to make just one pjsip profile for vitxi webrtc and and ip phone ?
or just when switch one the webRTC button and click save/update in extension webpage , it creates a hidden device for the webrtc and also do the following too on the vitxi server:
1- create a default group with the same tenant name and it is related with the tenant name if the tenant name is changed
2- create a vitxi user with the same extension password and device username and the e-mail filed can be optional and other field with default values
3- the user extension is linked with the extension password or after the WebRTC button is turned on, a new field with name “Vitxi password” appears with a new generated password and the user password can be updated from this field directly
other think, you can make a new filed appear with above the “Vitxi password” to the email filed for vitxi and it be mandatory just for vitxi enabling as below:

That is all to enhance the integration between vitxi webrtc and the Vitalpbx
and could be also as

No. A regular device would use UDP/TCP/TLS, VitXi uses a WebSocket.

For this exact reason you can attach multiple devices to a extension and have each device in a different profile.

What is the problem that you are facing?

It is not a huge problem in what you refer but to make vitalpbx more easy and make more integration between Vitalpbx and Vitxi webrtc portal and without needing to access another portal to manage simple needs that most client want like update login or password for the users and if advanced customization needed like changing the profile or something else the we can access the vitxi as administrator.
For devices, it will be exists but most user or even my clients use their extensions for one agent/employee and the extension would be on the webrtc on PC and on the mobile phone APP and some have IP phones. so it would be more practical to make just the pjsip extension with pjsip profile and the webrtc button to the the magic and make it as turn key webrtc extension and most problems working on more than one portal to do just a simple task from his point of view and webrtc profile can’t be used with the IP phone or mobile app like Vitalpbx apps, Zoiper or Groundwire

I agree that there should be a central portal to manage everything as well as the ability to create a “admin” profile with limited permissions.

Regarding the PJSIP profiles, the ‘WebRTC Client’ button simply creates a VitXi user, it is up to the Admin to select which PJSIP profile to use.

The reason behind this is, so admins who have issues with the default profile for specific endpoints, can create new profiles and tweak the settings to meet their needs.
A real advanced case example would be to set VitXi to use the regular UDP PJSIP Profile and have a SBC/Proxy that bridges from WS to UDP. (This would actually work for your request…)

That is another good idea! Thanks for sharing that suggestion but not sure if that is could implemented quickly or would take much time to be done. My suggestion is to make the webrtc button execute just a script to and get the data from the fields that I suggested to be added get the data to be updated by the user himself form his portal or from the customer tenant admin (as most of customers are not IT or just simple users and may be Sales Manager, CallCenter supervisor agent or Office admin and may be CEO without IT background and need just a switch to enable or disable and not create another advice and change its profile and so on.

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In Asterisk, an Endpoint can have multiple contacts, however, all contacts under the same endpoint must use the same transport. Therefore, in VitalPBX, you must create separate endpoints and specify the transport (under the device profile)


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