Unavailable hint in multi tenant


I just upgraded a multi tenant system to 3.1.4-2 and the extension hints for virtual extensions broke and they’re always showing unavailable, and in result the queue is not calling them even when ring unavailable agents is enabled because the Agent{extension} hint is also unavailable,
After comparing the config to another (single tenant) system we have that is working I found that in a multi tenant the hint on virtual extensions is set to {tenantPrefix}unavailable (i.e. T52_unavailable) and this hint doesn’t exist vs. in a single tenant it’s set to unavailable which does exist.


As a temporary fix, I manually added the database entry.


Please have this fixed soonest as we do have a lot of virtual extensions logged in to queues.
Thank you!

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Asterisk Version and other information that might help finding this and fixing this?

Setting hints has nothing to do with the Asterisk version.

This PBX was updated to the latest version, so whatever the latest version of VitalPBX and it’s add-ons are, that is that is being used on this PBX.


With a virtual extension, are you referring to extensions without devices?

Yes, so if the extension has a device the hint will monitor that device but if it doesn’t have a device it will monitor the custom unavailable hint.

Please provide screenshots. So you are using Technology None?
I think I had issues with that so used Technology sip or pjsip but just did not connect anything

What do you need screenshots from? I already provided screenshots from the hints and the database.
I am using technology none, an although adding a device and not registering it might be a workaround, it’s not a fix. plus, if you want to use hot desking you must use technology none.

Okay, no screenshots needed then :grinning:
Makes sense with the hot desking. Good call.
And it’s strange it’s working on single tenant but not on multi tenant.

It’s not working on Multi Tenant because the hint is missing.

@miguel was the vitalpbx team able to reproduce this issue?


We are working on that.