Unable to open custom contexts

I just installed the latest VitalPBX fresh from the 3.1.1-1 iso, did the updates (vitalpbx and yum) and rebooted. Everything seems to be working except when I click custom contexts it gives me an error “The module menu130 doesn’t exists”
2021-09-22 13_51_48-VitalPBX - Brave

Oops, I just needed to install the add-on and it’s working now.

Maybe a suggestion would be to give a different message, or disable/hide the custom contexts option if the add-on is not installed.

Thank you for your recommendation, it will be taken into account with the development team.

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Go to Admin/Add-Ons/Add-Ons to install the Module Custom Context.


Thank you!

And by the way Lenny is awesome!


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