Unable to give user access to CDR Filter in multitenant install.

We have a client on our server who constantly asks us to send them records of calls to particular numbers, at first it was once every few months but now they are asking for this on a regular basis, 2 times just today.

We tried to give them access as a user and if I add CDR to the profile it gives the CDR download access, but checking the box for CDR Filter does not give them access to the filter to search for the needed calls. Anyone have this working?

Currently on version 3.2.4-2 and we will schedule an update but I don’t see this mentioned in the change logs so not expecting it to help.

I probably should have created this under “reporting an issue” if a mod wants to move it they can, otherwise if I don’t get a response I’ll recreate it there.

Hi, I just tested our installation and it is working fine with the user that only has access to CRD and CDR Filters.

In CDR Filters I created the filter looking for specific numbers. After that, I could apply that filter on the CDR page and filter out all the records that matched the filter.

Your user should also be able to search for specific calls by adding the Source or Destination field in the CDR panel.

Figured it out, we think it was just a caching issue as it simple worked when we tried again after the weekend.

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