Unable to delete tenant - API Error

When trying to delete a tenant I get an error stating API Error: 404 there are not events in this tenant id


This is something that will be fixed in the next update!

Thanks for the response. When is the next update due to be released?

The update is already available!

Just performed the update to the below latest version and still getting the error shown further below. I logged out and back in, even tried a different browser but same result.

PBX One 4.1.0-2
PBX Engine 18.22.0-1

I am fully sure that the update didn’t finish!

Update via command line!

You are correct. Somehow it didn’t fully update. I ran the below commands from the CLI and rebooted. Once it came back up it is now able to remove multi-tenants without error.

sudo apt clean all
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y

Many thanks.