Typo in Changelog 3.2.2 R1 command to Optimize DB

The Changelog here: VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log

Contains the line “Core: we are releasing a new script that optimizes MariaDB’s performance. This script gets applied automatically for new installations. In the case of existing installs, you can run the command “vitalpbx —optimize-mariadb” after business hours.”

If you run the command as written you will get a Unknown Command error, I believe the correct command is “vitalpbx optimize-mariadb”.

Hope this saves someone else a headache.

Isn’t a typo, the issue is the blog’s font famil which changes the double dash to a single dash.

Anyway, you can execute the command as shown below.

vitalpbx --optimize-mariadb
vitalpbx optimize-mariadb

Both are valid.

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