Twilio and Outbound Calls In Queue

I have my numbers stored in Twilio. The calls come into a Queue via a trunk from Twilio. The Queue then forwards the call to an Extension with a Follow-Me phone number (usually a cell phone) set. Diversions are on for the Extension so the call is sent out via the same Twilio trunk to the cell phone.

The calls are failing with this error message: “The caller-ID +1XXXXXXXXXX is unverified. SIP Trunking terminating calls to PSTN must use a valid Caller ID in the From Field. A Valid Caller ID is either a DID you have purchased from Twilio or a verified Caller ID.”

How do I have the PBX forward that call to the Extension’s follow-me phone number with the caller id of the person calling into the queue.

So far the only option I see to do that is “Call Transfer Via SIP REFER” (docs here: Call Transfer via SIP REFER | Twilio) however I cannot figure out how to configure that in a VitalPBX extension or the trunk itself.

Has anyone else ever encountered this? What was your fix?

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