Transferring a call when on Mobile App

I tested an inbound call that I picked up on mobile app to transfer to desk phone.
When I press … then transfer I expected the call to be put on hold (like it is when transferring on a desk phone). This is not the case. The caller can still hear the mobile end.
I then click the favourite for the extension I want to transfer to and click transfer and nothing happens.
I then tried putting on Hold and then transferring via favourite and same thing happened.

I then tried … transfer (once again no MOH to caller - still hearing mobile app side) and then dialing extension to no avail. Also hold, transfer, dial extension did not work.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug?
Phone is Samsung Galaxy S7 running latest app (downloaded fresh today) v1.2.1 on Vital PBX version 3.2.3-6

Is anyone else having this issue?

Have you tried using the Asterisk Feature codes?

*2 Attendant Transfer
#1 Blind Transfer

The difference here is that you have to enter the number manually.

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VitalPBX 3. Using the VitalPBX app, transfer to an extension works just fine. (Not favorites)

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Hi there,
I tested again yesterday. So, it seems the procedure is this:

  1. Call comes in to the mobile app.
  2. Answer on App
  3. Press Hold (caller hears MOH
  4. Press three dots and press transfer
  5. Dial extension number (do not use favourites)
  6. Call is blind transferred to destination.

To Attend transfer the first way I got it to work was:

  1. Call comes in
  2. Answer on App
  3. Press Hold (caller hears MOH)
  4. Press + to add a call (and get dial pad back up)
  5. Talk to extension and ask if they will accept
  6. Hang up from extension (this will immediately bridge caller back into call)
  7. Press three dots and press transfer (note that caller is NOT hearing MOH here but rather the microphone of my phone)
  8. Dial the extension number and when extension picks up the call is bridged, and my app is hung up.

Alternatively, if you can remember dial codes then (sorry I only just thought to try this and it works)

  1. Call comes in and is answered on app
  2. Press hold (caller hears MOH)
  3. Press keypad button (this is where I had a brain fart and couldn’t work out how to use *2)
  4. Dial *2 and extension number (*210001 for example)
  5. You will hear a prompt saying something about transfer (I missed what it said cos I’m in a hurry)
  6. Other extension rings
  7. Talk between extensions as the caller hears MOH
  8. Hang up on Mobile App and call is bridged to other extension as expected.

Can i make a feature request to have the transfer button do the following:

  1. Put caller on Hold (no need to press Hold then three dots removing 1 step)
  2. When pressing transfer pop the option of blind or attended
  3. Work with favourites or be able to select internal extensions without needing to remember the numbers
    I’m happy to put this request in the right spot in forum when i find it … :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping this will help someone in the future or who is currently struggling with this.

Thanks PitzKey and miguel