transfer to external DID

Dumb question. I have an IVR and for option #1, I want to transfer the call to an external DID (Mobile Phone). I tried to setup an extension with a virtual device and put the external phone number.
When I call the IVR and select 1 it says the person is not available and goes directly to voicemail. When I look at the extension now, it shows a device now that I didn’t add initially.

I am sure I am overlooking something stupid. Thanks for any direction.


I actually got this to work. I think it was the outbound CID.

Now, I realized I had the version 3 and created a new Debian server for Version 4. I recreated all of my configuration. Now the same configuration isn’t working. When I press 1 in the IVR, it is somehow detecting a busy. It is sending the call to VM. I have this extension setup as a virtual number.

Something changed with the upgrade and I am missing it.

Well, I got it all fixed. The issue was IP Restriction on VOIP.MS. When I created a new server, it got a new ip address. I forgot to change that. I also changed from User/Pass to ip authentication. Between both of those, I have inbound and outbound calling.

Or route option 1 to a Custom Destination.

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