TLS on PJSIP Trunks.

We have a case of a PSTN that is going to give us a security certificate from them and they ask us to use it in the VitalPBX Ver. 4.1.0-4, which is the latest version of VitalPBX, they ask us that VitalPBX comply with the following requirements:

“It is mandatory to have:
o A Public IP address intended to receive trunks.
o A computer that receives trunks that support TLS Encryption:
:black_small_square: It must support TLS (TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA).
:black_small_square: The certificate request must be generated. This is generated and
managed by the PSTN”

The question again, under the provider’s conditions, are these requirements supported by VitalPBX?

We know the procedure to create a new PJSIP Profile, use the certificate that they will give us, validate it and associate it with the new PJSIP profile, in the end assign it to the PSJIP Trunk that will be registered against the PSTN.

Therefore, the procedure that we usually use and that you have as a reference in VitalPBX Wiki, is equally valid for PJSIP trunks?

Does this certificate provided by the PSTN conflict with the certificate created by Letś Encrypt for HTTPS access?

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