Time Selector for Queue Module

Hello VitalPBX Community,

I’m reaching out today to suggest a feature that could make the Queue Module even more powerful and user-friendly.

Our team often needs to schedule queue member logouts and logins at specific times of the day to align with our operational requirements. However, achieving this currently involves diving into custom scripting and advanced configurations, which can be challenging for users like me who aren’t well-versed in scripting or Asterisk internals.

My proposal is to introduce a built-in time selector within the Queue Module interface. This time selector would enable administrators to easily schedule queue member logouts and logins based on specific time ranges. This would eliminate the need for complex custom scripting and make it much simpler for users to manage queue operations efficiently.

Looking forward to see this in a future update.

Best regards.

Isn’t easier to indicate to your agents that they must log in and logout?

Additionally, the supervisors can use the Switchboard to monitor what agents are available in the queues.

It might be easier from the admin’s perspective, but I also have quite a few (more than 50% of the) users, that all they have is an extension with Follow Me enabled to their personal cellphones, and they don’t have access to log in or out.
Therefore, having their calls coming from the queue only ring during a selected time would be a great help.

Furthermore, I can’t even have them be on a scheduled DND from within the Extension Status because that will conflict with the Ring Busy/Unavailable Agents that I need to have turned on for the fact that their extensions are not registered to a device.

I hope I’m clear enough.

Thanks in advance.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Give your agents a softphone, in that way, they can log in/log out and answer calls remotely.
  • Set a Time Group for the follow-me feature. You can enable most of the diversions by time using the Extensions Status module.
  • Giving them a softphone isn’t a good option as they are working in a lot of spaces with close to no reception.
  • Setting a time group for the follow-me is an issue that the calls (internal) directly to their extension won’t ring past that cutoff time, which I need the office people to be able to call the on-site workers using their extension.