Time conditions for multiple persons

Hey there,

I created multiple time conditions for on call providers who are on-call after hours for a week at a time. Initially it worked but , I can’t get it to keep working… Here is what I did. Please tell me if you have an idea on how to make this work in a more stable manner. .

Provider A Oncall weeks 1, 4, 6 Provider B, weeks 2, 5, 7 and so forth… Probably a good 10 providers…
So, The time conditions start with provider A and if it doesn’t match, it goes onto B, and if B doesn’t match, it goes to C and so forth keep going in a circle because when it gets to the last provider on the list, I have it start all over from A.

So, once the matching time condition is found, it goes to the ring group which corresponds the provider and calls the programmed cell phone number for that ring group.

I had this working but, I can’t get it to continue working… I’m guessing the system doesn’t like looking through time conditions to find the matching one.

Any ideas? Short of manually changing the on-call ring group on the IVR each week.



Hi, share screenshots, please.
And you could send a call trace and upload it to pastebin.

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