The VitalPBX Online Training Course has moved to Udemy

Hello Everyone!

Recently, we’ve been working on updating various aspects of the Online Training course, and have decided it will be best to move it to a more dedicated learning platform, and Udemy has been an internal favorite of ours. This way we are working on updating the lessons constantly, answering your specific questions on the course, and helping you get a thorough understanding of how VitalPBX works.

This is the full Online Training Course we had on our VitalPBX University website, which is part of the Certification Exam. It contains a video lesson on every single module from the VitalPBX interface, Sonata Suite, and VitXi applications. There are various lab assignments and quizzes so you can get hands-on and test the knowledge you acquire throughout the course. More information about the new Certification Exam coming soon.

As a special release celebration, we are having a discounted price of USD 18.99 for new students (If you have invested in our Online Certification Course in the past, stay tuned to your emails :wink:). The MSRP price for the Complete Course is USD 109.99, so be sure to take advantage of the promotional pricing as it will expire in 30 days.

You can register for the Udemy Course here,

Use Coupon Code COURSERELEASE to get the course at USD 18.99. Valid through June 3rd, 2022.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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I tried to buy this course on Udemy, but not allow to buy it. Is there any issue?

Do you have a Udemy account already? What is the specific error you see? You should be able to add the course to your cart in Udemy and then you would proceed to checkout.

Yes, I have Udemy account already. when I open getting this attached msg only.
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 1.51.54 PM

Are you viewing this from a computer or a mobile device? On a computer, you should see the page as follows:


Then click “Add to cart” or “Buy Now”.

No, this page is not coming. The screenshot I sent that is coming and I can’t do anything after that.

Finally, I was able to purchase the course from the mobile app. The desktop website did not allow me to purchase the course.

I am the first person to purchase this course.

Perfect, thanks! we hope you enjoy the course!

Very good, congratulations, and for USD12 good promotion. :wink:

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Yup. Thanks. I like the course.

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Anyway to prepay for the course in bulk and store them, I would like to buy the course for all of my techs including one I have not hired yet.

Hi, there’s no way to do that specifically, that we know of with Udemy. But, you could contact Udemy with regards to their Udemy Business subscription offer. This could align with what you are aiming for.


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Is there a logo/badge for VitalPBX (advanced) course?
e.g for advanced:

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Hi, this is something we are organizing and working on at the moment! Once we have the new organization for the badges and certification, we will let everyone know.

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Any news on this one?