Thank you, VitalPBX Team!

My first post on the new forums goes to thank you guys. Really appreciate the effort you guys put in to make this happen!

(P.S. I think we need a “off-topic” category :slight_smile: )

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Hi there!

Thank you very much for your kind words.
That has been the idea for the General Discussion Board, but I’ll let the team know about your suggestion.

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General should still be Vital related, just not any specific thing. Or rename it General - Off Topic to make the point to users.

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For VitalPBX in general we have the ‘VitalPBX’ board. I have added the “off-topic” subtext to this board to make it clearer.

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Great. One more suggestion.
IMO: I would put all frequently asked questions in rather than creating a ton of posts under the FAQ category. It just makes it easier to read through all the FAQs in one page.

I like the separate topic approach, if there is also a pinned topic as an index instead of relying on search.

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Another thing I’d love to see, is the mark as solved checkmark. (And if solved, auto-close after a week or two)

@PitzKey We’ve already added this option! Enjoy it!


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