Testing VitalPBX - Coming From 3CX

Good Morning All!

I am currently a 3CX shop and we have used them because of the ease of setup. I have read 1 or 2 threads pertaining to this particular topic, but they are locked and no clarity was provided (or gained on my end). This topic would be the 3CX “SBC”. I know that this is basically a VPN from the site to the PBX, but I am at a wall with trying to duplicate it. I am trying to avoid setting up each phone on an individual VPN connection back to the PBX. I have setup OpenVPN from an intel nuc on-site to the VitalPBX. I have been able to get a little success in scanning for phones, but nothing reliable or completely working at the moment. I want to avoid the issues of being behind a firewall, especially if we do not manage it. Can anyone offer some advice on how they are doing it? I know there have been a lot of people leaving 3CX and if you have, how have you managed to get away from the 3CX “SBC”?

Thank you for any input you have!

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