System Audit Logs


Does VitalPBX have anywhere logs from all changes being done on the system?
We are trying to determine if follow-me for an extension was disabled by someone or never enabled.
And in general, we sometimes share access to the system with a customer, and we want to know if they made any changes, when troubleshooting an issue.

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Hey there,

As you may have already seen, VITALPBX has a “Log File Viewer” but, it’s not detailed to the point where it shows changes made or even changes made by a certain user. It would be a nice feature to have though. I also use a Freeswitch based system that has the audit log you are referring to.

You might need to write a specific type of log you want to keep track of. Log File - VitalPBX Wiki

I’ve not messed with writing one and see if this could work out for keep track of changes but, it’s worth a look.


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