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Hey all,

Have some questions regarding the switchboard,

On some of the stats like Completed and Abandoned calls, is this daily? weekly? lifetime?

One of my clients is showing Completed: 6263 Abandoned: 63

Also - I noticed that when someone calls in and is in a queue, a phone will ring for like 30 seconds stop ringing then re-ring again and repeat rather than just keep ringing until answered. (if queue is set to something like 5 minutes) every time the phone will show as missed call and i believe shows up in abandoned calls. Well technically its not abandoned because they are still in the queue… Hopefully that makes sense


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You might want to go through Sonota Stats and run a report to see if those figures above are daily, weekly, or a lifetime. I will tell you this, If you don’t have a cronjob resetting those figures nightly then, I’m going to assume those figures are lifetime.

Go to your Call Center, Ques, (choose your Que) and the click on the “OTHERS” tab. Scroll down to “Reset Stats” and see if you have a cron profile listed there. If it says “Disabled” then, that is why your counter isn’t resetting.

On the VitalPBX GUI , you will need to go to tools, cron profiles, and create a profile. I would assume you want to reset your QUE nightly at midnight? so then, your create a cron profile that would execute daily at midnight and give it a name you will remember such as “DAILY@MIDNIGHT.” Save & Reload… Then, go back to your QUE and choose the cron profile you’ve just created.

As for your other questions the call will continue being offered to the agent based on the behaviors you have chosen on the call center settings. Where are you putting the 5 minute setting into? Que timeout or member timeout? Either way, 5 minutes is a long time and I think you will run into issues with the actual phone itself ringing for 5 minutes given that most phones have a setting you can adjust as to how long they ring for.

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Thank you for that,

i have set some cron jobs on the main tenant… but not seeing any other option but disabled for the tenant in questions… am i missing something?



I just tried it on mine. You have to set the cronjob on the tenant you are working with. It’s not like some other settings that would allow you to push them across all domains… It would be nice though :slight_smile:


maybe being really stupid, but cant find the cron setting under the tenant. can only see on main admin tenant

I believe I initially had the same issue. Try checking the profile of one of the users assigned to that tenant and see if they have permission for that function. Even if you have to adjust the permission temporary to allow making the cronjob. I will check mines shortly but I believe that’s the case even when logging in as admin.

That was it! super admin only has tenant admin rights!!


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