Suggestions please - dynamic routing?

Hi folks - I’m looking for advice. I ama physician and we are using VitalPBX for our medical office. Working well so we fired our answering service. Here’s what we are doing for on-call … and my question/challenge is below.

a) When a patient calls overnight - and night mode is enabled the call routes to an IVR - giving choices of leaving a message or calling the on-call doctor.

b) The call then gets routed to a dynamic queue. The on-call doctor logs in to that queue when on-call and logs out in the morning when the office is open and night mode is off.

c) The call then routes to the doctor on call perfectly, but if for some reason they miss the call - I want it to go to their voicemail box for their extension - but this doesn’t work. The queue fails and goes to the “final destination” set in the queues settings.

So right now, I log in every night and change “final destination” to the “voicemail - unavailable” for the user who is on call that night.

But that’s not sustainable. Question(s) …

a) Can you - the stellar community - suggest an alternative way of doing this?
b) Is there a way to dynamically route this to the person’s voicemail who is the only one logged in to the queue?

Thanks! I feel like this should be easy … and I’m missing something … hmm

If you use a queue, the call is ringing your dynamic members but the call is never sent to your extension directly its always kept within the queue. To me the easist thing you could do is just create and oncall vm, which notifies your oncall users.

if you dont want a single oncall vm, you can use the final destination of your queue pointed to multiple time conditions which you can set to send callers to your users vm based on a preset timegroup.

Here is an example:

Queue Members

Final Destional: TimeCondition: AfterHours-201

Schedule (Time groups)
no need to set time unless you need it as you mentioned the Oncall IVR is trigger by a night mode.
201 AH - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
202 AH - Tuesday
203 AH - Friday, Saturday Sunday

Time Conditions
201 OnCall
Time Group: 201 AH
Time Matches: Voicemail - Unavailable 201
No Match: Time Condition: 202 AH

202 OnCall
Time Group: 202 AH
Time Matches: Voicemail - Unavailable 202
No Match: Time Condition: 203 AH

203 OnCall
Time Group: 203 AH
Time Matches: Voicemail - Unavailable 202
No Match: Time Condition: 203 AH

Call comes in to your queue and your dynamic queue member doesn’t answer, its Wednesday so the call will flow through your time conditions and end in the 201 vm as the time condition 201 OnCall will trigger based on the timegroup 201 AH as it hs Wednesday set in their schedule.

So you would still have to manually work on setting your extensions timegroups but it could be a weekly or monthly thing. once set, your oncall calls that dont get answered would be sent to the propers users vm.

Interesting idea …

a) We kinda like having the on-call doctor’s voice say "hi it’s Dr ___ " and I am on call - hence the preference for individual VMs … but yeh - this is getting more attractive to me.

b) The time groups idea has merit - but would still require manual work on a weekly basis to align the schedule with the system. Hmmm

If you dont want to handle the time group scheduling, you could also pass over the responsability to your oncall doctors. Change the Time conditions for Night Modes, that way you have your oncall drs dial in to log into your queue and then dial the nightmode code to activate the flow to their VM directly. When they are finished they dial to log out of the queue and to toggle their nightmode vm off.

Night Modes
201 OnCall
Code #201 (Choose Whatever you like)
Enabled: Voicemail - Unavailable 201
Disabled: NightMode: 202 AH

202 OnCall
Code #202 (Choose Whatever you like)
Enabled: Voicemail - Unavailable 202
Disabled: NightMode: 203 AH

203 OnCall
Code #203 (Choose Whatever you like)
Enabled: Voicemail - Unavailable 203
Disabled: GENERAL VM In case they forget to trigger their nightmode VM.

This way you dont have to keep a schedule and they are incharge of “activating” their vm for their oncall shift.

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