Suddenly all sip endpoints lost registration

We have been using vitalpbx for a year or so and it was all working perfect, last I logged in to the server root was months ago.

Suddenly 3 days ago while I was on holiday abroad I was unable to connect, and today. I Received an email from a tenant having thr same issue, I won’t be home for another week so haven’t done much diagnoses home page shows as showing 0/X registered pjsip endpoints.

(nobody logged in to the server or made any configuration changes)

I updated to the latest version 3.1.1x from the gui, rebooted the server, and still the same behaviour.

Any idea where I can dig. To grt to the bottom of this

Hello there,

Try executing the command below.

asterisk -rx"pjsip show endpoints"

If you don’t get any output, then try with the next one.

asterisk -rx"module reload"

If the command above shown any error or warning, please, post it here.