STIR/Shaken support


Does VitalPBX support STIR/SHAKEN authentication?

Recently a lot of providers has stopped to provide USA retail traffic till the client register for the FCC Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) and implement the signing and verification. I’ve been reading and Asterisk already support it, but at least for incoming calls dialplans needs to be modified and adjusted.

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Alain Fernandez

It does not, unless you want to reject calls that do not have an A level attestation.
For outgoing calls, you can add any headers you want in the Trunk’s advanced tab.

Normally, standard PBX users do not need to do anything for STIR/SHAKEN. Unless;

  1. You want to reject calls that are not properly signed. Which some providers allow you to do so in their Trunking portal, so with these providers you again don’t need anything on your PBX.
  2. If you do LCR. Which if you do, it’s best if you use an SBC/SIP Proxy and they are better designed to deal with STIR/SHAKEN.

Otherwise, your carrier should take care of the signing etc.

With that being said, as you mentioned, you can use the Asterisk dialplan and it’s STIR/SHAKEN modules/functions to do what you cannot do in the GUI.

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