STIR/SHAKEN and Private Calls

Has anyone successfully configured VitalPBX to be STIR/SHAKEN compliant and yet be able to send private calls?

From one of my carriers I advised that "You will need to configure your PBX to send out the Caller ID with the Privacy enabled header on the PAI of the SIP INVITE.
Sending a call with missing Caller ID information (which is how many of our customers were doing it) is now a violation of Stir/Shaken requirements, and is blocked on our network. "

I have yet to see any configuration option to accomplish this.

One can enable this option under Trunk by enabling trust ID outbound. Plus, you may have to assign DID to users ( One DID can be shared with same Tenant or each unique for each user ).

I hope this will help you… cheers!!!

Thank you for your response. I was hoping to implement the following:

  1. Leave appropriate CID associated with the Extension.
  2. Create an Outbound Route that used a Prefix to designate the call as Private. This Route would use a Trunk whose PAI would be set.
  3. The new PAI enabled Trunk would be a duplicate of an existing trunk used with the VoIP provider.
  4. The PAI enabled Trunk would not change the CID derived from the Extension.

Would this work.

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