Still listen conversation in a forwarded call in extension

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I am encountering a problem. I need the function code to perform on an extension the forwarding if it “busy” and if it “does not answer”.
It is happening to me that when it “busy” when I pick up the extension, which is supposed to be diverted, the conversation is still there, which can be heard perfectly, when the extension is supposed to sound the ring tone. How can I do it?
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I’m having trouble understanding what you posted. Can you try posting in your language and hopefully there will be someone who will understand it, it I’ll try to Google Translate it.

Good morning,

It is easy to understand, I will outline it a little better.

I am trying to get an extension to forward a call when it is busy. Currently the system performs the call forwarding, without any problem, but the call that has been forwarded remains on the extension, as if it were a “three-way call”.
The question is what function code should I apply to forward the call to an external number if the extension is busy, and this effect does not occur.

Thank you very much.

Did you configure the Call Forward at the phone level?

Hello Miguel,

Yes, it has been the only way to divert the extension if it is busy.
I really intend to do this:

  • Configure divert if busy
  • Set divert if not answering
    I don’t see in the panel the way to do both, that’s why we have used the diverts using the phone keypad. Is there any way to do it at panel level?

Thank you very much

Search for Extension Status. This is what you want. CFN CFB.

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