Sonta Suite - Not all agents are appearing

We trying to set up Sonata Suite for some users to use to manage their departments. One issue we are noticing is that not all the extensions/agents are appearing in Sonta Stats. For example we have 205 extensions but only 153 seem available to select in the sync settings in Sonta.

We wondered if this was because not all the agents are members of Queues but that would seem an odd omission. We still want to get data on people even if they are not in queue.

Any assistance much appricated.

As you guessed it, only queue members are listed in the Sonata Stats. This is because the Sonata Stats only get information from Queues.


Thanks so much for confirming. What would you recommend the best way is to be able to give end users the ability to get call starts etc. One of our use cases for for a multisite car dealerships so I thought about perhaps creating a queue for each site and having all the agents a part of that. Is that recommended?