Sonata Switchboard Queues Wallboard Agent Availability error

Hi Community & Vitalpbx Team,

Does the Team aware of this issue where the Members Available Counter in Queues Wallboard and
Queue Stats Summary Widgets do not refresh real time to indicate Correct number of Available Members when Queue is Idle?

The Members Available Counter only indicates correct numbers when web page is reloaded or a call enters the queue.

  1. When Agent Pause ,The Available Member counter decreases correctly in real time but when Unpause and return to available status the counter does not increase and only a web page reload returns the counter to correct available member value.

  2. When Agent makes outgoing call ,the available member counter does not change to exclude the agent and only a reload of web page returns the correct available counter .

I have tested on customer premise system which are with Vitalpbx ,Sonata Switchboard and Stats licenses.
and also on my test virtual machine which the attached screenshots derived from.

Both are running on latest available updates from Vitalpbx
1)Vitalpbx 3.1.5-3
2) Asterisk 18.6.0-2
3) Sonata Switchboard SW 3.0.2-4

Any comments or resolution on this issue is highly welcome.


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Hi @thina2u,

We will run a couple of tests in our labs, and see if we can reproduce the issues you are reporting.

I’ll keep you posted.

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We have addressed this issue on VitalPBX 3.1.5 R4

Hi Miguel,
Thank you for prompt resolution of this issue. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:
Switchboard Wall Display works fine now.

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