Sonata Switchboard - Queue calls

The client is on version VitalPBX 3.2.3-9 and Sonata Switchboard 3.0.3-4. Since a couple days ago the queues calls widget is showing the same calls 3 times., but if I go to rasterisk and ran a queue show for the same queue I see only one call. For the rest of the widget seems to be fine. Anythign that I can check?

Can you reproduce this issue in an incognito window as well as in different browsers?

Ok, using google in an incognito windows and also I try it on edge I got the same result. Another thing the the queue calls windows does not refresh. When I hang up the call on the queue calls still showing the record, but the wallboard (waiting callers) it does.

Have you seen this? Should I send you the logs? I can not tell why is duplicating the inbound call number?

Is this a Multi-Tenant PBX?

Are you using Tennat Trunks for your incoming calls?

Do you have some kind of diagram of your incoming calls?

I was able to figure it out, it was on the inbound route. I just recreate the inbound route and everything was normal.