Sonata Switchboard DND stays light on deactivation

Vitalpbx version 3.1.3-1
Sonata Switchboard 3.0.2-4
I have Diversion Hints enabled for all extensions
Using Yealink T54W phones, I have DND code ON set as 661 DND code OFF as 662 and this shows on the other Yealink DSS keys correctly when a DND is activated.
On the Sonata Switchboard you see the station dial the 661 in the background when the DND key is pressed and the DND lights Red on the Switchboard.
When you press the DND key again to disable DND you see the code 662 dial and the keys on other phones no longer light. BUT the DND on the switchboard stays on until the switchboard is refreshed or reloaded.

Try updating to the latest version of the applications.

I updated to 3.1.5-1
The switchboard was already the current version 3.0.2-4
The problem remains, when DND is deactivated the DND on the Switchboard stays ON until the page is reloaded.

Changing to #reporting-an-issue

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We have addressed this issue on VitalPBX 3.1.5 R4