Sonata Suite Recordings | Log with one hour late


I can´t find the location in this forum about Sonata Suite Recordings, so, I had open the ticket in this location.

Every time that we receive a call that are recording, the log time about them is wrong with one hour late that the system.

As you can see the log between Sonata Suite Recordings and Phonerlite, has the difference of one hour late.


They both have the same TimeZone with our internal NTP.


We know about this bug, and everytime that we want to know at what time that the call has been done, we have to add one hour in this log to the our real time zone.

In the manuals says that the timezone is used to display the time of each call recorded:


Check if you have the right timezone on your server. You can use the command below to verify that information.


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Yes, it is ok. My our NTP is synchronized with other external:


The difference in seconds is the time that I had take a print screen.

Hi @miguel

Do you have any new about this topic?

We are unable to replicate such behavior!

Do you want any log file to show some detail about this?

We have images with this:


Sonata Stats, have one hour more that Sonata Recording:


Did you compare the result with your server time? Make a test call and compare the time with your server time!