Sonata Stats Report Settings


Is there a way to have a company name in report settings different depending on the tenant?
I don’t see that changing when switching between tenants.


We could show the Tenant description as the company name. What do you think about it?

That would work.
How can I do this? Or is it something that you need to do in new version?

Hello, we’ll need to release an update also would you need the company logo to change by tenant?

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I think that the Branding Should be included as well as allowing us to [optionally] include the tenant name, logo etc.

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That would be ideal.
Both name and logo customizable to each tenant.

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll add this feature in the next update.

We’ll analyse the feature to set the branding by tenant but this will need more work so I can’t guarantee it will ready in the next update.