Sonata Stats calls by agents report


Scheduled report for calls by agent, doesn’t include the extension number in the email attachment, however, if you search calls by agent manually it does have the extension number.
Is there a way to have the extension number included even when using a scheduled report?

Thank you.


Currently call details can only be seen on the app, the attachment shows a summary of the data.

We’ll consider your suggestion maybe we can add this new feature for a future update.

The issue is, when scheduling a report like that for large organizations with multiple locations/departments, that it is impossible for the manager/supervisor who is reading the report to remember which agent(s) belong to which location just by the agent’s name.

If we can have the extension number included (perhaps optional) that could help them have a better understanding based on the numeric ranges to which location this agent belongs to.

Or even better, perhaps you can allow to optionally include the account code that contains the agent’s location.

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Thank you for the feedback I’ll talk with the rest of the team about it.

Now the extension will be shown in the report, we’ll release an update in the next few days.

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Wow, thank you @Roger.