Sonata Dialer Issues


A couple of issues.

VitalPBX 3.1.5-4
Sonata Dialer 1.0.0-2

  1. Users > Users and you click on the list of users on the right, it shows you the Username and Email, I think it should rather be the Full Name instead of the email, so we can much easier find a user.
  2. When a user logs in, it says Hello username (for example, Hello 101) instead of, Hello Full Name.
  3. I created a user with a device, softphone is disabled, under Campaigns > Queues, I selected that member. When the users logs in, they get the following error.


Clicking refresh doesn’t help. What am I missing?


Some more points.

  1. Campaigns > Contact List > Assigned to X campaigns does not get updated once you assign that list to a campaign. You have to reload the page for it to update.
  2. I don’t see a way of when a campaign has been started to add additional contacts. It seems like the only way would be to wait until all contacts have been called and then upload the additional contacts? This seems way too complicated. There must be a way to add additional contacts to the list on the fly.

Regrading 3. I see that Settings → PBX Settings → Port was set to port 80 (secure off). I changed it to 443 and enabled secure - works now.
I guess if it doesn’t even work on port 80, then please set the default should be 443 and secure enabled.

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We had the same problem of your image when trying other ports without SSL, we get “Failed Conection” and no assigned queues.
The topic had not answers and today the problems still exists.

Another problem, we set the http port to another different from 80 for security, when we try to download the CSV model to sending contacts its doesnt update the link, but we can edit it manually with the correct port and donwload the model.