Sonata Dialer: Broadcast Campaigns, how does it work?

Hello dear team

Since Broadcast Campaigns feature was added to Sonata Dialer, it seams like the Wiki doesnt mentionne it yet.

How does this really work?
We created a broadcast campaing for testing and linked it to IVR and tried others “Destinations”, but no call was done, maybe we did it wrong?

We would need to link it to a preregistered voice note or an IVR, so when the campaign will be launched, people called can here an audio preregistered

Thanks for you help

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Will destination announcement or just an IVR with instructions work?
Or what do you need exactly?

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Hello dear @mo10

Thanks for your feedback

The initial idea is to make listen to an announcement !
And if it’s also possible to redirect it to an IVR, will also be fine!

Also, the other thing we want to understand is, whenever we create the campaign and we click on Acrivate, are we able to say we want it to start at 12:00?

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We will work on the documentation for this module so you can better understand how it functions.

First, make sure you have set your timezone in the S. Dialer: Settings > General Settings.

Then, run the command: systemctl restart sonata-dialer-worker

Afterward, please check your outbound route settings. Create a new campaign and select “IVR” (left field) for the destination, then select the IVR (right field) you configured in VitalPBX.


The S. Dialer checks if the current date and time are within the active campaign(s) parameters.

For example, if it is 10:00 AM on July 1st, and this date and time fall within the range configured in the campaign (start date, end date, start shift, end shift), then the Dialer will generate calls if there are pending contacts to be called in that campaign.

It’s worth noting that the S. Dialer usually starts making calls 5 minutes after it detects that the current date and time are within the campaign’s working hours.


You can do an announcement and add the ivr to its final destination.
But check welcome message and instructions message on ivr. Should be what you need.

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Hello dear @maynor abd @mo10

Thanks for valuable feedback.
We tested the suggested ways and was able to move forward, but when the campaign launches, call failed as there is not specified Extension (from) and the CallerId. Please see on attached screenshots.

Thanks again

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We are working on making the CID name and CID number configurable.

We will release a new version as soon as possible.