Sonata Billing e Switchboard

Friends, I did the installation on a VM to test both Sonata Billing and Switchboard, but I didn’t see where to add credits for users in Billing.
And on Switchboard when I click Spy it says: You have not an extension assigned.
Can someone help me please?


Hi @danilo, welcoms to the forums!

I suggest you go through the Wiki to understand how it works: Sonata Billing Manual - VitalPBX Wiki

You are probably logged in as the administrator. You need to link/assign an extension to the account you want to spy from. See wiki: Users - VitalPBX Wiki

From what I could see it’s not a complete billing, but it’s very close to being complete, I don’t understand why there’s no way to control the customer credits, the rest of the pbx is great! I spoke to an attendant in the chat and he informed me that sonata billing only has rate control.

I’m not sure where the confusion is here. It’s a ‘billing’ software, not a top-up solution.

Is there anywhere where it states otherwise?